I Is for ME!!!



Hi Y’all!




Flea asked me…

Happiness is great! But no – what does the I stand for?

so now for the answer…

Today is the letter “I” in the A to Z Challenge!  Notice the “I” is a capitol letter!  That’s “ME”!  I am “I”! 

This n That is all about “me”.  I am going to answer y’all!

Now, let me start off with some of your comments about my Sunday post…



weliveinaflat asked me

did you have to zoom in from very far to avoid startling it?

Tenacious Little Terrier asked me

Cool encounter! How close did you get?

Janet Keefe asked me

You always see the coolest birds, Hawk! Can we move down with you? 🙂
Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets




See the island across the water behind me?  My Human was standing on our pier shooting through the trees to the other side of the island as I investigated our shoreline.


We all love it here, but I prefer the mountains in the summer.  It gets unbearably hot here for someone who can’t take their fur coat off!


There are usually some vacation rentals available on the water if you do your research.  If your boat is large enough you can go on to the Inland Waterway.


Dolly theDoxie asked me

Hmmm what would Hawk blog about that begins with an F? I’ll just have to come back to find out! Love Dolly


I answered that with Monday’s post “F is for Fun”

And now I think I’ve covered all your questions from this past week!  Welcome to my world!  I love my world ‘cause it’s all about me!  I am me!



Y’all hurry back now!










13 thoughts on “I Is for ME!!!

  1. You sure are you!! Thanks so much for joining the blog hop! I love the way you put your spin on it. 🙂 And love the pictures of the island but would I be wrong to think they were shot in the fall?


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