Aisen Still Has No Home to Call Her Own.





Hello, my name is Aisen and I am a Chessie mix.

I’ve been on my own for a long time.  Then I had a family of pups and had to raise them.  I’d never had a family of humans to care for me. 

That’s when my luck changed, though I wasn’t so sure about that at the time.  I was rescued and put in a foster home.  There I was fed and cared for so my pups would be healthy. 

Now all the pups are adopted.  It’s my turn to get a forever home.  My foster home is great.  They are experienced and are teaching my how to be a good companion.  However, I still don’t fully trust people.

I am searching for a special person or family who is experienced with dogs like me who have never had a home or family before…at least none that I can remember.  I get along with other dogs but I don’t know about cats.  I’d want mature older children, if there are children…who wouldn’t tease me…who would be kind, gentle and understanding and maybe teach me to play and do things. 

Obedience school would give us a chance to bond and help me to learn new things. Clicker training I hear has helped other dogs like me.  

Do you have the love, time, patience and understanding to be my special forever person or family?  I don’t need any more bad experiences in my life…Please are you out there, special person?

If you are that special person I am at Homeward Bound, London, KY   The telephone is: 859-490-0486  or email me at:

Click here or or Aisen’s name or picture to access her Petfinder page.


(all photos and information courtesy of and Homeward Bound)







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