Hello, I’m Scmitty.



I’m housetrained, up to date on all my shots and I’ve had the “big snip snip”. 

I’ve been a family dog my whole life.  I love other dogs and kids.  And, if you care, I’m a pure bred Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Something must have happened to my family ‘cause they were going to have to leave me at a doggy jail.  Then these nice folks at Hemlock Edge Rescue did just that!  They took me in!  Isn’t that amazing!

Shmitty mar 10 2014

I have only one wish, to be part of my own family again.  I’m so sure I’ll fit in I’m even willing to go home with you for a trial to prove how great a fellow I am!  I’ll obey your commands and play with your kids.  I’ll enjoy the companionship if you have other dogs. 

Shmitty mar 10 2014 runningPlease come meet me and give me a chance to be part of your family!


(all information and photos courtesy of and Hemlock Edge Rescue)











11 thoughts on “Shmitty

  1. I will never understand how anyone could leave their dog at a shelter? It is just so sad. Scmitty is gorgeous. I hope somebody finds him and gives him a home real soon. Sharing.


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