What Mischief Were You Expecting from Me?


Hi Y’all!



What were y’all expecting?  Hmmmm?

I stopped and pointed out the Great Blue Heron so my Human could get a photo…no mischief there…


Then I played with one of my toys…no mischief there…



Too warm for weather mischief too.  My Humans had the air conditioning on in the house.



Ever since the “kitty chase” I’ve been minding my “p’s and q’s”.  Why? because my Human said she’ll make me wear a check cord again if I misbehave once more. 



I certainly don’t want to have to drag a check cord around again! 



Y’all come back now!



















20 thoughts on “What Mischief Were You Expecting from Me?

  1. Oooo I would not want a check cord either. Keep on your best behavior Hawk. However if you want a little mischief then I know a place that allows that. At least that is what the sign says.


  2. We have plenty of cold air, shall I send you some? I don't chase my cats, I wrestle with cat bro Bert sometimes but that is all. Bailie chases him around all the time and gets in lots of trouble. You better be careful, sounds like you are on the edge of serious trouble!


  3. Well, it sure looks like you are behaving from where I'm standing. Though I must ask…how close did you get to that Great Blue Heron? You look pretty darn close. Did he honk and scream the ones I walk up on? BOL
    *high paw* for good behavior,


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