Lots of Barks


Hi Y’all!




About last Friday’s post “Yummy Fun”

weliveinaflat said…

“That’s a cool game… how would the human know you have found the yummy if you were further away looking for it?”


My Human hides the treat right under or just beside the bumper.  To hear her tell it, I was startin’ to sniff around if I caught an interesting scent instead of fetching the bumper.  She hides a reward with the bumper to reward me when I locate it, then if I return it promptly, I get another treat! 



About Friday’s post “Stay Warm Friends”…

Oz theTerrier said…

“Hawk, you lucky dawg! I love lying (laying?) by the fire but I only get to do that when we are camping. You have a fire pit right in your house?!? Like I said, lucky dawg!
Happy Saturday, pal. Stay Toasty!


M. K. Clinton said…

“Ohhh, how cozy you look! Are your eyes getting sleepy? have a great Saturday. : )”

Ruckus Eskie said…

“Wait hawk, why does your fur look so different here? Does the heat alter your fur?! haha Happy Sepia Saturday! Thanks for linking up!”



Yep, we have two “fire pits” in our house here at the shore and one in the house in the mountains.  My Humans call them fireplaces. 

My eyes are getting sleepy, very sleepy.


As for my coat, yes it does get warm but when there isn’t any heat other than the fireplace…As for my coat looking different, I need brushing. 


About Sunday’s post “Magical Wonderland”

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said…

“Looks like you are on a sudden stop mode. What do you see? Have a PAWsome Sunday. Golden Woofs”


Jenna,Mark Drady said…

“So fittingly titled! Very magical looming indeed!
You have such a determined look on your face, you must have spied something out there?
Or was it just your humans?
Hope you had a pawsome weekend!
((Husky hugz))
Frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky”

2browndawgs said…

“Very pretty. Is it ice?”






Didn’t see anything, just treading carefully.  It was crunchy underfoot.  It was a terrible ice storm, but my Humans have been through several and didn’t think it was all that bad.  We only lost electricity for a couple of days.


The temperature hung right around 33 degrees Fahrenheit and the roads and pavement didn’t freeze.  There are still people without electricity.  There were lots of downed trees blocking roads and pulling down power lines.


About my Mischief Monday post “Now Where Do I Start”…

Jenna,Mark Drady said…

“Wow! What a story!!!
Those photos, as much as it sucks cuz weather like that usually means no hydro/water as you said, but it is still so beautiful to look at though!
Its funny, we have 3 kitties and my huskies pay no mind to them, but when they spot a stray outside they want to put a chase as well!
Oh and pssssssst, I’m kinda glad u didn’t catch the kitty!!! But I bet u had tons of fun trying?! Hehe
Were woo embarrassed?
((Husky hugz))
Frum our pack at love is being owned by a husky”


Oh I did have fun!!! but I just chased it out of my territory!  My Human has threatened if I even do anything like that again she’ll put me back on a check cord! 

By the way, it was 80 degrees today. 

And about yesterday’s post…







JoAnn Stancer said…

“My gang loves that too, can we come visit? We won’t have open water here for a long time.”


I love company! 

The water here never freezes.


Dolly theDoxie said…

“We can tell how much you are enjoying yourself! Did I ever tell you about my CBR crush Rocky? Love Dolly”


No, Dolly.  You never told me!  Rocky…what a powerful name!


Y’all hurry back now!



























15 thoughts on “Lots of Barks

  1. Thanks for the open water pics…we haven't seen water except in the form of a puddle in months and it probably won't return for another month or so. Love the ice photos! Ice like that is not a good thing but it makes for lovely photos!


  2. A very busy recap – glad to get caught up. I missed your Monday Mischief post so I'm going to have to go check out what you were up to. Great picture – especially those icy ones, so pretty


  3. What beautiful pics Hawk! We are going to post some pics of FL soon, so be sure to come by for Sepia Saturday, we will post them then!
    –Siamese Smothers–
    Frum Mikko and some hugs from me!
    Come by to see this weeks TT!


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