Monday’s Mischief




Hi Y’all!


The weather is the most mischievous I’ve ever seen!  and the wind!  I don’t even like going outside to pee. 



One day it’s FREEZING!  The next day it’s nice and above freezing…but least we forget it is still winter, Mother Nature seems to follow up the following day with more snow and sleet. 




Hurry, hurry!  I’m cold!  I want to go inside!





Y’all come back now!



















24 thoughts on “Monday’s Mischief

  1. Our weather has been mischievous too, though there has been no snow. It is warm and sunny one day, the night drops down 30 degrees so we shiver our bippies off and then the next day it gets warm again. I am surprised everyone is not sick!

    By the way, you are looking mighty handsome in that first photo, my friend.
    Happy Monday, pal.


  2. Oh I know! The weather has been CRAZY this year!
    It snowed a ton last night and is blowing around so much today that it has been a white out all day! Crazy!
    ((husky hugz frum da pack))

    “love is being owned by a husky”


  3. I agree this weather is VERY mischievous. We went for a very nice long walk on Sunday, wearing light jackets. And yesterday was so cold and so windy, I thought we were going to get blown away. Today is less wind but still COLD.


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