Fitness Friday!



Hi Y’all!



If you’re lookin’ for some answers to questions you asked, check out yesterday’s post here. 

Now, to today’s post…

I’ve been testin’ out my ankle, though my Human has been limiting my exercise.



We were getting snow overnight and then it would melt during the day.




Unless you were up there at the top of the mountain. 

Then after a couple of really warm days it started snowin’…and blowin’!








I caught a scent and started climbin’…this is one climb where my Human can’t follow. 


Yep, I’m on the right path!


Followin’ scent, especially with the climbin’ is great exercise and it would be easy on the paws if there wasn’t any snow.  I get to stretch and use all my muscles, especially my back end muscles.


Evidently these critters like to zig and zag.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, cause it lets me reverse on the slope and exercise the muscles on the opposite side.






Y’all come back now!


















15 thoughts on “Fitness Friday!

  1. That looks like lots of fun…wouldn't even call it exercise! Wabbits like to zig zag, I know because I have chased lots of them! Have fun and try to catch something!


  2. Gee-whiz, Hawk…that is a lot of snowin' and blowin'! I'm glad your ankle is feeling better so you can get out for a little play-hunt. What did you catch the scent of? I would've loved to play-hunt with you.
    Happy Weekend, buddy.


  3. So glad you got to get some good exercise today!
    I love your snow photos they are so beautiful! I would love to be up on top of those mountains!!
    ((Husky hugz frum da pack))
    “love is being owned by a husky”


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