Sepia Saturday



Hi Y’all!


Special Announcement from the Ruskus the Eskie:

All are welcome to join. Please share your best sepia pics of pets, families, experiences, nature, etc! Here are the rules:

Be Sepia-Related (doesn’t just have to be photos of pets!)

Have fun!

Grab the badge below or use the html code on Ruskus the Eskie’s site (here)

Ruskus the Eskie’s list will go up Saturday 12/28/2013! It will be a great ending to welcome in the new year!


I’m joining with the photo below…


This time of year the foliage and grass coloring in the southeast blends perfectly with my brown coat…and is the perfect background for sepia photos.

Y’all come come join the fun!


(badge and information courtesy of Ruskus the Eskie)















8 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday

  1. Oh I love seeing a brown dog in sepia photo. I was wondering if your coat color would blend in too much but it actually accentuates the beauty of the dog!

    Thanks for linking up to my new blog hop, Sepia Saturday! Can't wait to see more upcoming photos!

    Also, many folks mistake my name as “Ruskus” as well! I fit more of the “Ruckus” temperament! ROAR!


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