Sunday is a Day to be Thankful


Hi Y’all!



Every moment we get to sniff and race about in God’s world that He put here just for us creatures…well, yes, I guess the humans too…is a moment to be Thankful and a moment to appreciate the beauty of this world.




It may be a stark and cold season, this time of year humans call winter, but if you stop to use your eyes…

If the tree could talk, what could it tell us about its lifetime?



It doesn’t matter whether you’re creature or human, just stop a moment and look around, see, sniff around, smell, listen, hear…isn’t the world wonderful and, however temporary, we are given this moment in time to appreciate it! 


Y’all come back now!


































17 thoughts on “Sunday is a Day to be Thankful

  1. I love that first racing photo, awesome! So many folks don't take time to enjoy their surroundings, we do our best to see the beauty in every season and we love to get out and enjoy each season as well. Have a pawsome Sunday. Emma


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