Saturday is Special


Hi Y’all!



Yesterday was See Beautiful…It’s hard to only have See Beautiful the 2nd Friday of every month!  You know why?



Because I see so much beauty in my world every waking moment…look around!  the world is beautiful!


 Even a winter storm has its moments…


Truffles anyone?


These fellows were smart and waited until after Thanksgiving to show themselves.


The heifer wasn’t the least bit afraid of me.


Being a mom is difficult, you have to “catch a wink” when you can.


This youngster preferred to keep a safe distance…


 This pretty tree and its neighbor seem to have missed their calling as what? 



Look near the top of the tree in which the Pileated Woodpecker has made holes, it looks like someone tied a knot in it!






Mother Nature got this hole right in the center of the trunk…



I’ve shared only a few of the wonders of my world.  At least they’re wonders to a BrownDog.  I hope y’all are enjoying your own wonders this weekend! 



Y’all come back now!
















16 thoughts on “Saturday is Special

  1. I'm glad you see wonder in your world, too, Hawk. We see it every day. Even today, while it's snowing, the birds are all around us stocking up for their very cold night ahead. It is beautiful.

    (And those turkeys sure are smart!)


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