Fit and Fun and Follow Up on Friday


Hi Y’all!



Time to look back on this past week and reminisce.  Yep, I’ll try to answer questions too.

First, lets go back to last Friday’s post when

SlimDoggy said…

“Did you retrieve the turkey Hawk? Hope you had a great day – thanks for joining the Hop.”


No, sorry…getting’ the turkey was somebody else’s job. 

Linda Bliss said…

“Roooooo I know just how pawsome sticks can taste and its really difficult to stay away from them isn’t it? *waggy tail*. Thanks for spreading the word about how dangerous innocent looking sticks can be!
Woofs from Alfie”


Actually, I rarely fool with sticks unless I see my Humans carrying them off to a pile.  I much prefer bumpers and balls and things. 


On black and white Sunday I showed y’all this photo from one of my walks


GOOSE said…

“What’s that called growing on that tree? Happy Sunday to you Hawk.

Sam said…

“Are those mushrooms?
Monty and Harlow”

Janet Keefe said…

“What was that on that tree? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that.
Christmas will be here before we know it!”



JoAnn Stancer said…

“Really cool photo of the stuff growing on the tree. I’ve seen it many times but don’t know what it is called. What is it Hawk? Count down to Christmas how much fun is that????”

Some of my readers already gave y’all the answer…

Johann The Dog said…

“Lichen!!!! Mum loves to take photos of that stuff. I just smell and move on, BOL!”

Jim said…

“Check out that lichen!!”

It’s actually a large lichen, many types of “stuff” growing on trees from greenish looking stuff to what people refer to as “air plants” or Spanish Moss are considered lichens.  Some of it’s scaly and some of it’s hairy or bearded. It’s seen on rocks too. 


Then came Monday when we shared the mischief the weather played on us right before Thanksgiving…snow, sleet, wind…C O L D…

Roxy the traveling dog said…

“BOL…Are you going for a picnic??”


Ah…no…I was helpin’ my Human get stuff from the root cellar she needed to fix for Thanksgiving.

Oz theTerrier said…

“Zoomies in the snow?!? It looks like such fun, Hawk! Will you do a zoom for me the next time since I don’t get snow?!?


Be glad you don’t get snow there, Oz…this stuff is miserable!!!

Meghan Deinhard said…

“Zooming with the basket looks like a blast! Did you also carry it back when it was full of stuff from the root cellar? Wish we had snow. Meghan from”


My Human lets me carry the basket when she doesn’t have it “heapin’” full.  This time she thought it would be too full and heavy for me to carry and she didn’t want to make any extra trips in this stuff any more than I did!


LetterstoAndrew said…

“Tell me more about this root cellar. How does it work? Does it really keep vegetables longer than a fridge?”

My answer is too wordy for here…so I’ll tell you more on “this n that Thursday” next week. 

On Wordless Wednesday I showed you these guys we met on our river walk…


I was surprised that the answer I got from y’all confirmed what my Humans thought…but what were they doing in the southeastern mountains?  They belong in Central America and at best the southern part of Texas. 


Molly The Wally said…

“What are those Hawk??? We are stumped.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly”


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said…

“Beautiful Bird, what kind? Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar”


Kat said…

“The product of the mating of a duck and turkey.
AKA “muscovy duck”.
I know this because we have those guys at a pond nearby and I just had to look them up.”

YourSpecialDog said…

“muscovy duck interesting ..
Welcome to my blog”

Oz theTerrier said…

“It’s a muscovy duck (I hear they taste terrierible). We call them “Chucks”…the CHicken/dUCK hybrid. They are everywhere down here.

Susie and Sidebite said…

“Hummmmmm, is it good to eat?”


Oz theTerrier said…

“It’s a muscovy duck (I hear they taste terrierible).”

Stephen Pelletier said…

“Slimdoggy Jack knows what that is! Dinner!”


Meghan Deinhard

When does the snow come Hawk? Do you celebrate early? 15 days…I count 20, don’t let it come sooner, I’m not ready! 



It snowed the day before Thanksgiving and was pretty much all gone by dinner time Thanksgiving day. 

P1300465In the southeastern mountains it isn’t at all like the Rockies.  It can be snowing one day and in the 60’s the next.  P1300466This time of year we don’t usually get snow that amounts to anything. Now after Christmas when the ground gets cold the snow can hang around.


Some years there is little or no snow. 


Y’all come back now!

















15 thoughts on “Fit and Fun and Follow Up on Friday

  1. What a busy week you had buddy, great follow up. My taxidermist will use those licens (I already forgot how to spell them) to mount ducks on it they are big enough. So cool. Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Thanks for joining the blog hop Hawk, I look forward to your post about the root cellar.

    Your mountains are like the weather in CT we can be freezing cold one day and hot as blue blazes the next.

    have a great weekend!!


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