Follow Up and Fitness on Friday



Hi Y’all!



On Sunday’s black and white post…Bask in the Warmth of the Sun…

Sam said…

“Oh what could it be?
Monty and Harlow”

Tenacious Terrier said…

“Uh oh. Did you catch a squirrel?”





Sorry to disappoint y’all…but I was just standin’ there enjoying the warm sunshine on a chilly mountain day. 

About my Mischief Monday post

Roxy the traveling dog said…

“BOL…Hawk, that stick is huge! Did you get to play with it again?”


No, I didn’t play with it again.  I really prefer bumpers. 




Flea said…

“That’s a mighty big stick, Hawk! What’re ya gonna do with it? Kinda tough for playing fetch.”




I’ve learned from Goose that you have to rescue them and save them from…ummm…I’m not sure what I’m saving them from…????





Jackie Bouchard said…

“Do you bark softly while you carry that big stick? Looks like you could play some baseball with that one! We read Alfie’s post – so be careful out there!”



I haven’t tried to bark too…seems like it would be kind of difficult…

Linda Bliss said…

“Roooo Hawk – that is one pawsome stick for sure! I love sticks too, but last Sunday I hurt my throat really bad on a stick whilst playing fetch so you be careful buddy! *Waggy tail*
Here’s what my human wrote after we got back from the vets:
Woofs from Alfie”



Alfie, you’ll be happy to know that my Human doesn’t allow me to chew on sticks not chase them and fetch them.  Once I’d rescued this one and hidden it my job was done.  I did check yesterday and it’s still where I hid it.

My Human said to tell you that, after reading Alfie’s post that she’ll never allow me to help her gather up sticks in the yard again.




Susie and Sidebite said…

“How about we send Goose over, maybe just a little bit more training from the Master would help, but you did do a pretty good job!
The Mad Scots”


Sounds like a great idea y’all! 

About my Thanksgiving day post here in Blogville, U.S.A

Deanna Watson said…

“Looks like someone is having a fun day!
My WW entry is #95. Come by and vote for us?”


And I did.  Thanks for the reminder.



If y’all stop by tomorrow I’ll show you how I helped my Human get ready for Thanksgiving.


Y’all come back now!























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