Friday, Fun and Fitness Follow Up



Hi Y’all!




Last Saturdays post brought a question from

FiveSibesMom said…

“Beautiful pics of you running through the leaves! Looks like you’re having so much fun! Can we join you?!”


Of course y’all are welcome to come hike with me!  Be sure you practice your recall!  It’s really important when you’re running through woods off leash.




On Black and White Sunday,

Cattle Aussies said…

“Nice job-were you trying to practice stacking?”




I was practicing a “stand stay”.  My Human makes me practice stuff all the time. 

Then came Mischief Monday…

Molly The Wally said…

“Yikes dogs hunting bears…are they used to flush them out??
Have a marvelous Monday Hawk.
Best wishes Molly”




The dogs chase the bears and “bay” them.  Different states have different rules for the hunters.  Some states have different seasons, just like deer hunting…bow and arrow, crossbow and firearm.


On the Federal lands we usually see them with big heavy cages.  They hunt with tranquilizer guns on 4 wheelers. 

Roxy the traveling dog said…

“Better to be safe than sorry. They hunt bears with collars on them???”


I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.  Just to clarify, the dogs wear trackin’ collars.  The bears are not collared or tagged. 


Flea said…

“Bear hunters? Will you tell us more about bear hunters in another post? That sounds interesting. I take it they aren’t hunting Winnie The Pooh.”


I’m afraid this was the “another post”, ‘cause that’s all I know about bear huntin’. 



Jackie Bouchard said…

“I think cutting the walk short sounds very smart! You don’t want to get mixed up with the hunters!
What kind of bears? Brown bears?”

P1290987 We have black bears here.  Sometimes they stop traffic when they cross a road.  Once we saw one circling a stopped car. 

The above tree is showing signs of where a bear has been.

Hope I’ve answered everyone’s questions.  Now I must be OFF!!!


Y’all come back now!































17 thoughts on “Friday, Fun and Fitness Follow Up

  1. Excellent follow-up. My hubby has hunted bear before, but it was over bait. The meat was excellent, very lean. He has not has occasion to go again. It can be hard to get a tag here. Plus he does enough hunting and you can't do it all, although I be he would like to…lol.


  2. Hi y'all,

    Hey Hawk, I came very close to a bear when I was in Canada. You have to be careful. It doesn't bear thinking about.

    Penny sends you doggy hugs for a pawesome weekend.

    Penny's human,



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