Follow Up Friday Fun and Fitness


Hi Y’all!


Time once again to round up the week and look back at my exercise and fitness levels as well as address questions from y’all. 



First, if you saw my Sunday post, you’ll know that Norman, over at Sand Spring Chesapeakes had a wonderful 13th birthday party.  Thank y’all for stoppin’ by and wishin’ Norman a happy birthday. 

Regrettably, earlier this week, Norman succumbed to osteosarcoma.  Yesterday his person posted a beautiful tribute to him.

About my Sunday post…

Kat said…

“As for you, what are you watching, Hawk?”



I was watchin’ for my Human Papa. 

About Wordless Wednesday’s post “Pathetic Throw”, my friend  

GOOSE said…

I’ll have my MOM come over and throw for you. All my friends says she has the bestest throwing arm. The woman can throw from the outfield to home plate.



SlimDoggy asked…

Isn’t that water getting cold now Hawk?


Not really.  It never gets cold here like up in the high country. 

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said…

Where’s you ball/toy? Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


The ball is floating just to the left of me.  This picture was just before I grabbed it.



Flea said…

Looks like someone didn’t put their all into it. Hawk, you need to train your people better.


Cattle Aussies said…

“Tell your human to get a Chuck-it! Then you’ll always get a pawesome throw”


We have one!  I’ll have to insist she ALWAYS carry it…oh, I forgot…she stopped carrying it because I’d try to take the whole thing and carry it. 

About yesterday’s, This n That Thursday, post

GOOSE said…

“It took me a while to find you butt there then you were. And that butterfly is pretty got at hiding. Hawk do you ever catch the flying disc in the air?



I used to catch the disc in the air, but I’m a big fellow, even for a Chessie so my Human found this Frisbee with a hole in the center.  It lands on its edge and races along the ground.  My Human tries to prevent me from jumping while still giving me exercise. 

Now I’d like to spend a minute sharing some beauty I’ve spotted in my world.







Take time to smell the roses…




Y’all come back now!
















15 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday Fun and Fitness

  1. I just noticed that my MOM needs to look at what she has typed for me BEFORE she hits send! It's a wonder you understood what I was asking. Thanks for sharing your beautiful with us Hawk.


  2. You sure did find some beauty as what is my part of the country a pretty dingy time. Had to laugh about the water being too cold. I love to swim too and I go in the lake even when the ice is forming, I don't freeze either! Thanks for joining FUF!


  3. You have such a beautiful world, Hawk! And your mom does so well at capturing it in photos.
    Oh, I like the idea of your disc with the hole in it….our golden Sheba has arthritis so we don't want her to jump, but she loves to chase things too so might like that.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


  4. I am so happy to know you Hawk. To know that your world is this beautiful makes my Doodle Heart sing, seriously! What a wonderful yard you have to play and swim in. Someday maybe I could swim with you, sound good?


  5. Thank you again for the shout out Hawk, you are a dear friend. Your pictures are beautiful, I am partial to leaves so that one was the best. Your looking like you are loving life which all should. Hugs.


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