Cooter’s Tale



Hello, my name is Cooter.

I’m a senior fellow who is very mellow. 


I’m very well behaved and walk politely on a leash.  If you have other dogs, I promise to play nicely with them. 

I’m not thrilled with returning to my crate…but I’ll make a bargain on that front…toss a few treats inside and I’ll go in nicely.  Hey, at my age a fellow has to get his treats anyway he can! 

I’m neutered too.  I’m way past the urge to chew up your favorite pair of shoes. 

The only wish I have, besides finally having a forever home, is that it be one with no small children.  I’m a big fellow and don’t want to accidently knock one over. 

If you’re a senior yourself, I’d be the perfect companion.  I’d be very sedate when accompanying you on your walks.  It would do us both good to get out and about together.  I’m not as active as a young fellow who prefers jogging and fetch to a sedate walk.  I’d be happy to lay at your feet while you read or watch TV…and I promise to listen politely when you want to talk to someone. 

If you would like to adopt me please contact:


Clatsop County Animal Control Services
1315 SE 19th ST.
Warrenton, OR 97146
Phone: (503)861-7387


All information and photo about this pet is courtesy of and Clatsop County Animal Control Services.










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