Time for…???


Hi Y’all!


It’s time for Mischief Monday!  My Humans have been keeping me and them on the go, go, go…until there hasn’t been time for any mischief! 

One minute I’m chargin’ through the woods in the mountains…








The next I’m waitin’ for my slow poke Humans to catch up!






Then we go back to the house and they take off someplace without me! 

Whew!  I need the rest anyway…


Y’all come back now!










13 thoughts on “Time for…???

  1. When you say “Charging” you really mean charging Hawk…I've seen that same look on Gizmo's face when he's up ahead on the trail and I'm just moving too slow for his liking…I say to him “Give me a break…you've got 4 paws and I only have 2”


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