Odds n Ends


Hi Y’all!



The Human may like the tab lead…but…did anyone ever think to ask the dog who is has no choice but to wear it? 



I jumped a deer…didn’t mean to scare it…but it FLEW!!! 







My Human Mama carries my water and my Human Papa holds it for me when my Human wants to take a picture of me drinking. 



Y’all come back now!









9 thoughts on “Odds n Ends

  1. Thanks so much for linking up to TNT. 🙂 Silly deer. Hanging in your woods. 🙂 We carry water for the brown dawgs the same way that your people do. Gotta have a drink after all that deer-jumping!


  2. Thanks for linking up with TNT this week. You are too fast if you can scare off a deer! I have never encountered one myself here. I wonder how I would react if I came face to face with one.


  3. Well, it's not your fault that silly deer was hanging out in your woods! Looks like you worked up a thirst with all that excitement! You do well to drink right out of the water bottle like that, Hawk. The fall leaves are pretty, but it's still been pretty warm here, and looks like it might be there too!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


  4. Oh my, Hawk… that lead looks like it's smacking you right in the face… no fun! Put it on the humans next time!
    I'm sure you didn't mean to scare that poor deer. Can't help being inquisitive enough to get after it!
    Nice pic of you drinking – looks like you're no stranger to drinking out of a bottle.


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