Follow Up for a Fit and Fast Fun Friday!


Hi Y’all!



First I want to apologize because I thought I had my email address posted so y’all could easily find it.  However, Shaye and Sheba asked me to email her, since obviously she couldn’t find my email…but I couldn’t find hers either.




Sigh…so if you need my email it’s browndogcbr at live dot com. 

I’ve also amended my “About Me” page so my email address is posted.


Frankie and Beryl at Greyhounds Can Sit and asked if I’d changed my blog design.



I tried the new style, but it caused too many problems with comments and I’m only a dog so I couldn’t figure how to get my Awards set up…



My Human doesn’t have time to figure stuff out for me, so I returned to the old one and simplified it.  The header has been the same for awhile…My Human Papa won’t let me change it ‘cause he LOVES my eyes.

Glory and Gambler, who are off hunting, and Maya and Dawn asked about Sunday’s Sniffs…if you missed the answer, it’s here



About Wordless Wednesday…

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said… Are you wondering where your toy is?

Kari in Alaska said…out exploring?

Molly The Wally said… What did you find Hawk?

GOOSE said… The lost have been found.

adventuresofadogmom said… Were you playing fetch?

Jodi Stone said… What is it?

Oz theTerrier said… I wonder what you found, Hawk!

Nature by Dawn said… I wonder what’s wandering around in the meadow on this wonderful wordless Wednesday. Watch out, Hawk! 🙂





Sorry y’all…nothing exciting this time…my Human is just tryin’ to get us more exercise by making me find and retrieve bumpers on the slope in the field. 



Tomorrow I’ll share more of my world…








Y’all come back now!











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