Sam’s Story



Hello there! 

I was born around January 2013

My name is Sam. I am an active, full of life fellow who loves to play!   My people dumped me at a Walmart.  I found a friend, another dog.  We were both frightened, hungry wet and cold.  It was pouring rain.

We were lucky!  We were found by a sweet lady who took us to her home, not doggie jail. 

She has lots of cats in her home.  So it’s a bit crowded.  So I can’t live here forever.

We were both taken to the vet, given all our shots and neutered.  She is kind so she is fostering us until we can find homes.  We cannot stay here forever because it is crowded with us and all the cat rescues.


I recently completed three weeks of I completed 3 weeks of obedience training with top honors! !

“I am so ready to be adopted.

I am a very loyal boy and I am affectionate.  If you adopt me, I will love you for all of the days of my life.


Longingly, Sam”


Sam’s Contact Info



Save A Cat Rescue, Houston, TX  

Phone: 714-404-4441 or

Phone: 713-529-6872












All photos and information courtesy of and Save a Cat Rescue of Houston, TX.










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