Follow Up with Diet and Fitness…


Hi Y’all!



About my comment on  “Sometimes Silent Sunday”, Molly queried “a visit to the blood stealers?”  And Gizmo said “ut oh, the dogtor?”


Oh, yes…the evil ones not only took my blood, but they took it from my neck…did they think I was a horse? 

About “HELP SAVE ME!” Chloe and LadyBug ask if I could possibly sneak out for a midnight raid? 

Thunder, Freighter and Storm want to know how I’ll survive on less food?


I’m tryin’ to figure away, but haven’t been successful yet…sigh…

Flea’s answer to me was MORE exercise, more walks and broccoli and carrots! 



Unfortunately there is no time for more exercise, especially with the days shortening, and I already wear the Humans out…as for the broccoli and carrots, I get carrot snacks and lots of fruit. 

Gizmo thought maybe I could make up for the missing rations with tree rats or bunnies…





Don’t forget that the Humans need time to work hard so they can afford all the carrots, apples, melon and yummy stuff I get to eat. 

The “Watcha Doin’” post had, the gang at Sand Springs and Wag n Woof,  asking what I really was doing?



I was watchin’ my Human while practicing my “sit, stay”.   

Then Flea wanted to know if I get a thick winter coat?


Yes, Chessies were bred to retrieve water fowl from the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay…we need all the insolation we can grow.


Oz, Flea, the BrownDawgs, Molly all wanted to know about this picture and what I did…

P1280265Y’all will have to wait until Mischief Monday to find out!


Y’all come back now!





















9 thoughts on “Follow Up with Diet and Fitness…

  1. We feel your pain Hawk at having reduced rations. Life sucks. I am lucky as I can run around like a hunting thing for hours. Yours peeps do their best for you. The short days are the worse thing about this time of year. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly


  2. Poor Hawk! Less blood and less food. I think Storm will be joining you shortly with reduced rations. Now that she is spayed, I can see her gaining a bit of weight. Of course if she gets out for a lot of grouse hunting, that should help. That takes a lot of running.

    Have a nice weekend!


  3. Hi ya Hawk. Was sorry to read about the rationing…I know it's tough, believe me. My momz tries to fill me up with carrots and other fruits & veggies and my dad gives me lots of exercise. I know it's hard when they have to work…but you gotta stay fit and trim so you live longer! Come on over to PetsMove and join our FitDog Friday Group for lots of fun and contests.


  4. I just thought about something with the weight gain if you're already getting plenty of exercise and not overeating. Have you heard of hypothyroidism in dogs? It is pretty common for dogs in their middle years to get this problem. Sephi had it and it was pretty simple to test for and to treat. Most vets overlook this possibility, though, if there are no other symptoms.


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