Tuesday’s Pal



I’m a Chessie.  I need a home.


My name is Hunter.

I got left here at the doggie jail because my owner couldn’t keep me any longer.  I love other dogs, kids, cats…everyone…

I’m horrified here at the shelter.  It’s really scary…

Won’t you please come and rescue me?  I’m already neutered, up to date on my shots and house trained.  All I need is love!



You can contact me:

at the Hillside S.P.C.A., Pottsville, PA  The telephone number is: (570)-622-7769 or use email: shelter_dogs1@hotmail.com


All photos and information concerning Hunter is courtesy of Hillside SPCA and Petfinder.com

Click on any photo or name to go to the page. 



















10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Pal

  1. Oh Hunter, I know the shelter is such a scary place. You are such a handsome guy! I'm sure you'll find a new loving family real soon!

    Ooh, just looked at his PetFinder page and his status now says 'Adopted', so I hope that's true!

    Will still share!


  2. Hunter is beautiful! I went over and checked PetFinder and it didn't say he was adopted. Still hoping he was. I can't imagine why he wouldn't be scooped up real quick!!!! Good Luck Hunter. Sharing.


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