Hi Y’all!


I hear y’all tryin’ to sneak up…


Yep, had to go to the v-e-t … shhhh…did you know they weighed me?  My Human says their doctor weighs them in the hallway before going into the exam room too.  It’s okay for people, but I think dogs shouldn’t be submitted to such indignities!  What do y’all think?


But I digress.  I did meet two beautiful boxers leaving and inside a beautiful white fellow who was bigger than me and wearin’ a blue halter. 

Anyway, once inside the exam room I decided we’d been there long enough and tried to leave, then to climb in each of the Humans’ laps in turn.

P1250739Those moves thwarted, I had to endure the insult of the vet telling ME, Hawkeye, that I’d gained WEIGHT!!! and he (my vet) didn’t look happy either! 



He perscribed a DIET for ME!!! Can you believe it?!!!  He CUT my ration!!!

All right!!! All right!!!
















Y’all come back now!








14 thoughts on “HELP!!! SAVE ME!!!

  1. Oh Hawk! The nerve of them cutting your rations! Maybe you could sneak out for a midnight raid? Send us your address…maybe we can send you a covert package! We are thinking of you! Xo Chloe and LadyBug


  2. Hawk, you act just like our Sheba at the vet's office…she never gets to escape either!
    Well, if you have to be on a diet, hopefully it will involve LOTS more play time, because I know you really like that! A lot of us have been there, so we know just how you feel! 🙂
    Jan, Wag n Woof Pets


  3. Hawk, buddy, that's just wrong! Maybe you can make up the missing rations with tree rats or bunnies? It's just a little extra cause in the hot summer we dawgs take it easy…Just wait for cooler weather and you'll be back to your usual svelte self


  4. Hawk, We're just catching up on our reading this week and just read your post. I know just how you feel buddy – my humans put me on a diet when i first came to live here too. It was hard at first, but I got to go out for runs and walks and other fun stuff a lot more and once I started to lose some of those extra pounds I felt a lot better. Come on over to SlimDoggy's and we'll fill you full of good tips 😉


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