Some of This and More of That!


Hi Y’all!




As you can see, I’m quite busy right now.

This Anhinga is busy too.  He just doesn’t look like he is.



Hey, Mr. Dragon Fly!  You’re not thinking of breaking and entering are you?



Below is another view of the heavily shaded area where we play and train on hot summer mornings and evenings. 



My Humans call this the “secret garden” because it is usually cool, shady and not readily visible from the house or rest of the yard. 





While we were away it appears our magnolia drowned. 



Down from the pier, in the wetland, hardwoods are biting the, ah, drowning too.



You can see it in the background of the picture below.  I am wading along my path, or what used to be my path.  In my lifetime the water has never stayed so high for so long a period of time.



Hardwoods don’t have much of a lifespan in this land of cypress, grass and water.  They drown or just give up and fall over.

Maya and Pierson think my dokken or deadfowl training dummy was a toy.  



Sorry y’all.  I only get to retrieve it. Rarely.  As a matter of fact my Human put it away for awhile (several years) because I got too excited about it and would ignore the bumpers to go for it.  Now she gets it out once in awhile when I seem to lose my focus. 



There aren’t many pictures of me with the dokken ‘cause we are usually working on my focus and she doesn’t get any good photos.  Sometimes she doesn’t get any.

Now Maya and Pierson also said if they were a duck they would rather be carried by the feet.  This ones for y’all!





I have to stay busy.



Y’all come back now!










19 thoughts on “Some of This and More of That!

  1. Morning Hawk, thanks for the report on recent events around the homeland. Momz took some great pictures – seems like everything is waterlogged. We could use some of that water out her in California!


  2. You have anhingas too, Hawk?! They are crazy birds…I like to bark at them. I love that photo of the dragonfly!! Dragonflies have such pretty colors, don't they?!? It looks like you enjoy retrieving your duck (dokken). I think it is definitely more interesting than a plain old bumper, but what does a terrier know about retrieving?!? BOL
    Happy Thursday pal!


  3. Those are wonderful photos. What a nice yard you have! I guess you are still getting a lot of rain where you are? That bird, the anhinga, is one I have never heard of, but isn't it beautiful! I wonder if it is as large as it looks.


  4. You're a dog with much to do Hawk…we lost a lot of hardwoods after the hurricanes…the flood waters took months to go down…Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos today


  5. The waters must be kinda scary not receding and all. Losing all those threes and shrubs just seems unfair. Hurricanes take care of our trees everyone now and again. Fingers crossed there aren't any this year. Hold my breath Dad says!!



  6. Thanks so much for participating in TNT. Wow you have the water don't you? I remember for the last couple of years you had drought. I guess it never stays a happy middle…lol. Sorry about the drowned trees. That is a shame. Love your shady training spot.

    We don't use our dokkens to train that much either although I should remind my hubby to bring them. I think they could help Freighter reinforce his hold. They are a bit more substantial than bumpers. 🙂


  7. Seen many dragon flies and mom can't never get a close up photo. We LOVE it. Golden Thanks for sharing all the Beauty the surrounds you during your time outdoors. Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  8. I bet you could stay busy tracking wabbits and squirrels in those wooded areas. Sure is a lot of water, never understand why trees even grow in all the water? Happy seeing beautiful!


  9. Wow, what a beautiful area – even if it is completely waterlogged right now. Sorry about your trail – surely it'll be a little less wet soon. It's a shame that so much water causes the plants and trees to drown.
    What a beautiful close-up of the dragonfly! We see them often, but never sitting still long enough for a pic. Love the bee shots too! I'm not sure if we have Anhingas where we live… if we do, I'm not sure I've ever seen one.
    No one blames you for preferring your duck/dokken to the bumpers – it's way more interesting!
    Happy See Beautiful Day!


  10. LOL! Thanks for that photo of carrying the duck by his feet. 🙂 You made Maya & Pierson's day. Love the photo of the bird and dragonfly. So cool! Too bad about the flooding water, though.


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