My Fourth of July


Hi Y’all!


Like most places in the southeastern U.S. this past week was pretty much a complete washout! 

Last Monday we left the shore and headed for some meetings my Human Papa needed to attend.  Afterward we continued on our trip, battling frequent heavy rains mixed with sections of sunshine.  Finally, in the evening, we arrived at our mountain home.  We barely got in the house when heavy rains returned in earnest. 

Creeks flooded.  The low areas of the town along the creek were flooded.  But luckily for people living in those low lying areas, the heavy downpours would let up long enough for the creeks to subside.

Once in awhile the sun would peek out and we’d go outside to play before the next deluge.


You’re right!  Those spots behind me are water splashing up! 

Oh we are still having rain…but there are longer periods of sunshine between downpours the last two days.



Y’all come back now!









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