Tuesday Times Award Day


Hi Y’all,

I’m so excited!  Molly the Wally has bestoclip_image001wed the Sunshine Award on me! 

Some questions come with this Award.  Then I get to pass it on to some of my Blogville friends!

What is my favorite non-alcoholic drink? I only have one drink and that’s water.  My Humans like to add lemon to her water. 

Which do I prefer, Facebook or Twitter?  Either one ‘cause I use both.  If you follow me on Twitter I’ll notify you every time I post to my blog.  I’m still having trouble remembering to update my Facebook page…but Sunday I posted a new photo album!

What is my passion?  It’s still retrieving!  You thought I’d say writing my blog, didn’t you? 


What is my favorite pattern?  After more thought, I realized my memory foam mattress has a pattern…and it is a favorite spot of mine!

What is my favorite day of the week?  Everyday that I get to enjoy all the beauty and explore the wonders of my surroundings.

What is my favorite flower?  Whatever is blooming at the moment!  Right now lots of daylilies are blooming!


Now, time for that drum roll! I get to share this Award from Molly the Wally with others from Blogville!

You Did What With Your Weiner is a fun blog about two “Weiner dogs” hiking, biking, and camping with their two humans. 

Blueberry or Spotty Spotty Polkadotty is a great blog about a beautiful rescue dog and her human.  Go back and read the post “looking back”

Alfies Blog  Alfie lives in England.  His weather is very different from our summer weather.  Be sure to stop and visit the tips on taking better photos of your own Fido…check under the photography paw.

Joey and Scout of Two Greyhound Town have been living with their humans and traveling in an RV for 60 days.  Share their adventures and the people and other dogs they meet. They even have reviews of what the humans are eating and sharing, or not, with them.

Betty from Betty the Bichon…what a cutie!  This is a cute blog about a human student and her Bichon, Betty as they explore life and share adventures together or just spend time enjoying being with each other. 




12 thoughts on “Tuesday Times Award Day

  1. congratulations on your award. I have to say that I laughed real hard at that retrieve picture. I was going to say something real funny about it, but I didn't want you to be the “butt” of my joke.


  2. Hey Hawky. I just dropped by to say congratulations on your award. We have a hard time with Twitter but we do visit our Facebook page… often.

    Huggies and Cheese,



  3. Hey Hawk! Just popping over to say hello and Congratulations on your award!! Love the answers to your questions…you are so lucky to have a memory foam bed!! You look very comfy! Love the pic of you swimming!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug


  4. Congratulations Hawk! Love your answers. I had to laugh at that picture of your retrieving with your butt in the air, but the one of you in your bed……it melted my heart! 🙂


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