Tuesday Times


Hi Y’all!

Todays top headline is: Sunshine Award

I was so thrilled back on June 8 to get a message from Popcorn that I had been awarded the Sunshine Award!  Such excitement. 



Some questions come with this Award.  Then I get to pass it on to some of my Blogville friends!

So, let me answer the questions first.

What is my favorite number?   I don’t really have a favorite, but if I did it would be 13 ‘cause that is my Human’s favorite.

What is my favorite non-alcoholic drink? I only have one drink and that’s water.

Which do I prefer, Facebook or Twitter?  Either one ‘cause I use both.  If you follow me on Twitter I’ll notify you every time I post to my blog.  I’m still having trouble remembering to update my Facebook page…but I’m trying to do better.

What is my passion?  Retrieving of course!

What is my favorite pattern?  I don’t really have a favorite pattern.  The only ones I really see are the ones on the oriental rugs or my beds.  I do like laying on those rugs.

What is my favorite day of the week?  Everyday! 

What is my favorite flower?  Whatever is blooming at the moment!

Now, drum roll please!, I get to share this Award from Popcorn with others from Blogville!

Rottrover – Bart and Ruby share their beautiful desert surrounds with their readers.

Raising Patrick in College –  A service puppy learns about life while accompanying his raiser to college.

The Secret Lives of Working Dogs – Great tails of young dogs training and hoping to be selected as a service dog for Canine Companions for Independence.

Bert’s Blog Four Legged Views – This great fellow, Bert, works in search and rescue and as a therapy dog.  He has some of the greatest adventures.

Gospel of Goose – Goose is a great friend and adventuring partner of Bert’s.

Y’all come back now!







8 thoughts on “Tuesday Times

  1. I would like to share to you the darnedest comment my beau said while he was snooping around my reading your blog… He thought the last picture of you was that belonging to an elephant. ^^

    Congratulations on the award, Hawky!

    Huggies and Cheese,



  2. Congratulations Hawk! And thank you, what an honor. We seem to have several things in common. I love everyday and my favorite # is 13 because that is my MOM's favorite. Have a GREAT day friend.


  3. Dog gone it Hawk, that is a great award for you and to think you thought I was worthy of it too, well, your just so nice.

    I was not surprised at all with any of your answers. they are so Hawk.

    Have a good day…..lots of sunshine, lots of water, and lots of retrieves.


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