Award Tuesday


Hi Y’all!

I must thank my Blogville buddy Jet for presenting me with the One Lovely Blog AwardThank you JET!!!


Thank You My Dogs Love Me

This award was purposely made to recognize the efforts of fellow bloggers and let them know that their work is appreciated!!



Now, I want to start by passing this Award on to some special blogs. 

The first one is a new one I found because they came all the way from Melbourne to meet me!  I was so excited!  I immediately crossed to the other end of Blogville to get to know Flynnah and Roxy!  Oh, and don’t miss the May Wordless Wednesday post!  Roxy is so cute!  

The second blog I would like to pass this Award to is Pawfect Days.  Here you have Zoe, a Lab mix and her human Alison out turning their world into perfection, or at least fun times and beautiful times and sometimes funny times!

The third blog I would like to have this Award is my friend in Blogville, Goose, who lives near his buddy Bert, in the same village in Blogville.  They actually get to have adventures together and take pictures together and their humans do stuff together! 

So, the fourth blog to receive this Award is Bert!  You just can’t keep up with one of these buddies unless you keep up with both!  Talk about fun folks!

Life at Golden Pines is a special blog about Goldens, everybody’s favorite retriever!  These Goldens are mostly senior dogs who had fallen on hard times until they found this wonderful home. 

There are a few other blogs that I want to pass this Award on to, but I need to save it for next week.  I want y’all to take time to meet these sweet Blogville friends of mine and have a chance to get to know them like I do!

Thanks again Jet for passing this Award on to me! 

Now, I have to be off!

Y’all come back now!





8 thoughts on “Award Tuesday

  1. Hi there Hawk! What a wonderful bunch of blog friends to pass the award on to. We are friends with them too and will pop in and congratulate them too!! Congrats on YOUR award!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug


  2. Well of course you got that award Hawk, you are top notch and to think you picked me as one of the recipients is wonderful. Thank you so much.
    coming from you, I consider this a true honor.



  3. Oh Hawk. You are such a handsome devil. Thank you for making me smile today. Of al the comments I received today. yours was the one I savored.

    You deserve this award. I am so glad you received such wonderful recognition. 🙂


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